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Audio Mastering

is like varnish on furniture,

Or the wrapping of the bouquet of flowers,

Or the intense and warm filter in the photo.

In short, it's not much because most of it has already been done during the mixing.

But this is the essential step that finalizes the project, professionalises it,

And makes it presentable to the entire wooooooorld.

In analog and digital I will take care of your sound in order to send it in good shape on the web in Streaming or to the CD and / or Vinyl pressing plant.

Your fans with long, shoulder-length, or even short (!) Hair will enjoy your music in the best sound conditions;)


In these times of AI and automatic presets, THANK YOU for taking the time, reserving resources and trusting a real human to work on your projects.

It is clear that I will never be as cheap and fast as Landr & Co. It's certain.

Even if I am also in a process of efficiency, quality and fair price, I am a craftsman. I listen, I try, I make mistakes, I start again, I exchange with you and I will share a petit café when we meet, that Landr does not;)

Let's make some music together.

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