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Here are the indicative prices (in €),

Fell free to contact me to discuss about your projects and together we will find solutions.

We will make any necessary revisions to our satisfaction, at no extra cost!

1 song  = 60€

EP  (External Play) from 2 to 5 songs max 

50€/title + 50€ EP Editing and DDPi Creation (CD-Vinyl) 

LP  (Long Play) From 6 songs to ... 

45€/title + 50€ EP Editing and DDPi Creation (CD-Vinyl) 

* I will transfer you after validation of the mastering:

- 1 cd version (16b / 44.1kHz).

- 1 mp3 version (320b / s).

- 1 version for streaming adapted to the requirements of different media.

And if needed,

-1 file for Vinyl (its wave of the 2 sides and a PDF doc, the whole to transmit to the pressing plant.

Please check for validation.

And / or if necessary,

- 1 special file (DDPi) to be sent to the pressing plant for the production of CDs.

This file includes, among other things, a mini player in order to be able to listen and check the assembly and the information of the pieces.

Please check for validation.

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